Monday, August 22, 2016


If you guys follow Kry8's facebook page/account, you know that the 350 pesos logo package would end on August 24. I am currently fixing everything. Kry8's new look, pricelist, products, packaging, etc. So the recent FAQ post that I have posted would change. So yeah. That's it! Hahaha.

See you all very soon.



Sunday, August 7, 2016


Hello! Just wanted to make an 'ABOUT ME' because my current facebook account (Kry8's Facebook) doesn't have a picture of me. All they see is what I do, and they never get to see who's the person behind the small online shop. Well, *HEEEELLLOOOO THERE!*

~About Me ~

Hello, that is me, myself and I. Don't be fooled because I only look good on pictures (That is if you think i'm pretty -- lol) Anyways, I am the person behind 'KRY8 Illustrations'. I am, 25 years old, A mom for 7 years. Yes -- stop counting -- I got pregnant when I was 17 and gave birth when I was 18. Worked in the BPO world for 7 years and plus months, but now I have decided to just go and do what I love, because -- YOLO, hihi. So yeah, I'm 25 but I stopped aging after I gave birth which is, 18. I love to draw, to do DIY stuffs, write, read, read blogs, and watch VLOGS. That's my latest obsession. I love the colors pink, teal and melon. I love anything arts and crafts related and I wish I know how to put on make ups. Well that's it! Hahaha Well, if you want to learn more about me then go and send me a question by clicking this:

or just comment down below.

~About KRY8 ~
Why 'KRY8'?
| Kry | is actually the first 3 letters of my first name (My real name) which is Kryzza and the number 8 because KRY + 8 is pronounced as CREATE oh yeaaah! 

Once upon a time (Hahahaha!), in Jam's room (Adam's sister) where I hid for x number of days, I got depressed. I thought of all of the things that I no longer have. Created to Create (My previous shop), My apartment, My Craft things (I left it on my apartment and we still don't know where to put it since we don't have our own room here in my in laws place), Phone, computer -- Alot. I got so sad and was very very depressed specially when adam asked me to not be sad and to do what I was doing before which is to draw. I know that it is supposed to encourage me but who would be encouraged when you know that the tools that I used to have is currently not with me! (ADAM NANG AASAR ATA!), Anyways, August came, and I thought why be sad kish, YOLO dapat! So I took my ass off Jam's bed because it isn't my bed, and went straight to the computer and went pinteresting. Then, I thought, what business should I do (besides Monkey business because YOLO haha) when I don't have a printer? (Because I used to create notepads out of my illustrations when I still have my apartment) Then I thought of Printables. Why not illustrate and sell it? But printables isn't really a thing here in the PH unlike in the US, so I was having second thoughts. Then I tried Upwork to see if I can find international clients that would want my illustrations. But it's too hard. So I just tried my luck, downloaded photoshop and Illustrator, created an account, added random people, posted a drawing and posted on a facebook group to let them know that 


Then someone asked me to create a logo for her shop 
*UY BUENA MANO FOR MY NEW SHOP!*  she liked what I made then she paid and then that's when this all happened. She is one hell of a maswerteng buena mano guys, she really is! After she paid I slept, and then when I woke up I have 10 people waiting for a reply and was inquiring about my service! And everyday after that day Ms. Teesha of Etcetera Handmade Arts & Crafts paid for my logo, is a busy day for me. And it's the Kind of busy that I would love to have errday, all day, fereverrrr! 


Illustrator, Owner

Son, Salingketket, My Inspiration

Husband, Stress Absorber, Cause of Stress and My Inspiration

Also, to the In laws, that helps us with Brhent. To Kuya Zen (Adam's Brother) that doesn't erase Kry8's file that's saved to the public folder of their Online Shop and to Jam for letting me be depressed inside her room and acted as my bat cave when I was still in the process of creating this small online shop of mine. Thank you. You are all hired. Hehe.


Well that's basically it. 

Would be posting FAQs next time.

Thank you for reading this!


* A donate button is available on the left side of my blog. 
Please donate, I'm planning to buy new set of friends e, haha lol*

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


So the whole day I was thinking of products that I can make out of my illustrations. I've been researching and have spoke to numerous print shops, which were all super nice specially Dianne of The Magnet Lab and Tita Maria Azuncion that suprisingly messaged me and offered me a good deal. Anyways, First product that I would be releasing would be *DRUM ROLL PLEAZZZE* button pins / badges! Hahaha.

You might probably think why. I also do not know but I just find them so cutesy and there's so many things that you can do with it! Anyways, I'll be releasing 5 designs and I have only made 1 out of 5, and here it is:

What to do with Kry8's Badges? Hmm.

If you like to DIY, you can design your tote bag, backpacks, jackets, head board and belts with KRY8 badges! Ooh yeah! Have everything KRY8-tified!

As of the moment, I am still thinking of the price.. Because if you know me and have been my client before (Created to Created) I want everything budget friendly. I am also open for resellers. If you want to resell KRY8 badges, then please do contact me via facebook or via email, details would be posted at the end of this blog post.

Please give me ideas for the other design! Each packaging comes with 3 pins by the way so yeah ~

Hope that you guys support KRY8 badges!



Tuesday, August 2, 2016

How to deal with problems?

A reminder that everybody has their own problems
 & we just need to handle it perfectly... 
And that is to 
appreciate what you have
 & what God has blessed you with.


Thursday, July 28, 2016


Tip # 1: 

It's something that is not easy to do specially if you've had a long day the day before, but I put it on my number 1 list because it is.. very.. very.. VERY (All caps para very intense lol) important. Why? Because if you wake up early, you'd be able to do all of the things without rushing. It gives you extra time to do important things around the house so you would not have to worry about it after work, or, if you have someone else to do it for you, let's just use this extra time to go out of the house early because you know... Traffic. Traffic might be stressful mga beh, but atleast, you won't get yelled at for being late. Bawas stress parin!

Tip # 2: 

This is something I hate doing before. I don't like eating breakfast because I just don't feel like eating as soon as I wake up. But my friend told me to try to force myself, and I also wanted to gain weight so yeah, tried it and it did not help me gain weight but it helped me to feel more energized. I become less cranky too haha! More energy to work work work work work!

TIP # 3:

Well, Don't just decorate it with whatever blahs. Try posting pictures of your family, or anything that inspires or motivates you. I personally love to draw, so what I do is I draw and put positive or motivational quotes and I print it out on a cardboard and  stick it on my desk. I've lost some of my drawings actually, cause I give it out to my colleagues whenever I see that they look stressed out, some are stolen lol. So it doesn't just  motivate me, but it motivates those people that sees it!

TIP # 4:

This is something that everyone should be doing after work. Do whatever that can make you feel relaxed. Eat, Drink coffee, milk or tea, write, dance,exercise, listen to music, write or just sit down and do nothing! Forget what happened in the office, and don't worry about what you're going to do tomorrow, just RELAX. If you worry about what you need to do tomorrow or you bring whatever heavy you feeling you had at work, you would just be burned-out. And that's the last thing we want to feel.

TIP # 5:

Drink plenty of water at umiwas sa sakit. Even if I'm thin, I am proud to say na di ako sakitin. For added immunity, specially ngayong rainy season, try FERN-C
Well, this is different from work - life balance. Fern-C only helps in making the stress and hassle of going to work and coping with work deadlines easier and more bearable because you'd feel more energized and healthy. It's something that I included on my list kasi nga Subok na! at Worklife ay Easy with FERN-C!

To find out more about Fern-C, follow them on their Social Media Accounts:

and their website:

Well, I hope I was able to share something that would help you guys.
Love you all!


Monday, July 25, 2016

I made this blog to inspire random people. Because that's me. I am little miss sunshine. I like to draw smiles on people's faces. I always make people laugh. It probably is one of my hobby. But at the moment, little miss sunshine needs a hug. 

I don't know what I have done wrong but this really is not a good year for me. If I can just fast forward everything, I would. I don't want to be where I am today. I don't want to feel whatever I'm feeling at the moment. I just hate everything that is happening.

I want to end this blog positively but I can't. I just feel so down right now and I just don't know what to do, what to say, what to feel. I just want it to end.


Friday, July 15, 2016


Hi Guys!

Was away for along time (Again!) and I missed blogging so much. I just missed typing or writing the things that's in my mind. It's something that I enjoy doing back then. I remember having a notebook with random thoughts. I was just so lazy to open le computer this past few weeks.. I don't even use facebook that much. Boo! It's so not me, I know.

Anyways, Life's been better that how it was the past few months. Still missing the things that I no longer have and I've been trying to be positive that one day, if not soon, but one day, I would have those things again.. One by one.

I would probably create a separate post with my goals and plans before the year ends, So I'd be inspired. I don't know about you guys, but my goals makes me inspired. Sometimes when it's quiet or whenever I'm stuck in a traffic jam, when I'm alone, I think of the things that I want to happen (A.K.A. My goals, yung achievable goals hindi yung pag nanalo ako sa lotto kind of thing) I think about the goals and plans then it makes me kilig. Haaay.

So that's it. Atleast, I have learned that I might not be able to get all of the things that I've lost, pero soon I know that something better is coming, and I cannot wait for it to happen. Join me on my journey of achieving the achievable goals pero why not pray that I win the lottery (Even if hindi naman ako tumataya, lol) haha